Meet Employees

Curious about Toray Plastics (America), Inc. and who we are? Put some faces to our name! Meet some of our employees from each location and learn more about our diverse family-oriented company!

Employee Testimonials

John Duffy
Senior Production Director

“Throughout my employment at Toray I have been afforded the opportunity to constantly advance through the organization. 23 years ago I started as a Packaging Technician and am now a Senior Production Director. The best part about working at Toray is that I have been able to grow with the company. After graduating from college I began my employment here and haven’t left. My ability to move through the organization is in large part due to Toray’s desire to help its employees grow. For several years, I went back to school to receive my Master’s degree, which Toray encouraged me to do, and partially subsidized. Although the organization is very driven to meet immediate goals and exceed previous success, they maintain a long-term vision for the company which provides a great work environment and stability for employees.”

Rui Pereira
Process Engineer
“I started my career at Toray as an intern in Rhode Island and upon graduation, accepted a full-time offer as a Process Engineer at Toray’s Front Royal, VA location. The best part about working at Toray is the people. Every one of my team members is hard working and intelligent. Toray is a very friendly company that makes all of its employees feel at home. Every day I am challenged in my role to learn and help the company reach its goals. The combination of a fast-paced environment, along with an exceptional team, is what sets Toray apart from other organizations.”
Stephanie Benson
Environmental Director

“I began my career at Toray in 2008 as an Environmental Engineer and now work as TPA’s Environmental Director.  What I enjoy most about working at Toray is the amount of exposure I get to different projects.  As a result, I am constantly learning and improving my skills.  Being versatile in all of my roles at Toray has helped me to advance.  Toray has also contributed to my success academically.  As an undergraduate at the University of Rhode Island, I was a recipient of the Toray Plastics Scholarship.  While working at Toray, I was able to attend URI part time with the help of TPA’s generous tuition reimbursement program and obtained my masters degree in Environmental Engineering.  As an organization, Toray rewards employees who work hard and can handle new challenges with success.  It’s great to be a part of a culture that recognizes and rewards employees who work hard and go the extra mile.”