Toraypef® and ToraSoft® are used in more than160 vehicle models worldwide. We supply more than 15 laminators, 32 Tier I and Tier II molding companies, and 18 automotive OEM manufacturers.  Numerous vehicle components are made with Toraypef® and ToraSoft®, from door panels, instrument panels, and headliners to watershields and air ducts.


Interior Trim:

Toraypef® and ToraSoft® are used in automobile and truck interior cabin components to soften otherwise hard plastic surfaces.  As a result, the surfaces have a luxurious feel and enhance the comfort of drivers and passengers.

Foams for vehicle interior trim are usually first laminated to a TPO or a PVC foil skin.  The TPO/foam or PVC/foam laminates are typically supplied to a Tier I or Tier II automotive supplier for another processing step in order to create an interior trim component. These steps may include the following:


-       thermoforming to a plastic or wood fiber substrate

-       assembly by hand with glue or staples to a substrate

-       back injecting with a thermoplastic

In thermoforming and hand assembly, the laminates may first be stitched for a decorative contrast.

Ducts and Liners:

Toraypef® is used as a door watershield, a headliner, an HVAC duct, a trenchliner, and other vehicle components.  Typically, OEM manufacturers achieve a 90 percent weight reduction in components when they substitute Toraypef® for conventional injection-molded plastics.

Foams used for ducts and liners are typically compression molded or thermoformed.  HVAC ducts in particular are formed as two separate pieces and then molded together in “twin-sheet” thermoforming equipment.  Nonwoven materials and scrims may be attached to the foam before or after molding.