TorayPEF® Foam

TorayPEF® is the original electron beam, cross-linked polyolefin foam developed by Toray Industries, Inc., in 1968. It was initially manufactured with polyethylene, but high-performance grades, including flexible grades (EVA), flame-retardant grades, and heat-resistant polypropylene foam, were subsequently developed and commercialized. Today it is supplied to more than 18 automotive OEMs and the laminators and Tier I and Tier II molding companies that serve the industry. Applications include door and instrument panels, consoles, armrests, glove boxes, seatbacks, and knee bolsters, among other parts.

TorayPEF® is also used as a high-end flooring underlayment. With its superior compressive strength, sound dampening, and moisture-barrier properties, as compared with urethanes, fibers, and non-woven products, TorayPEF® is the flooring manufacturers’ and building and construction professionals’ foam of choice.

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TorayPEF® Polyolefin Foams

On the Road, In the Home

TorayPEF® foam is a 100 percent closed-cell structure that exhibits excellent thermoforming capability and superior cushioning, shock-absorption, heat insulation, and resistance to water and chemicals, all of which make it ideal for a wide range of automotive and flooring applications.

  • Specified by more than 18 automotive OEMs
  • Tier I and Tier II molders’ foam-of-choice
  • Preferred by flooring manufacturers
Applications for TorayPEF® Foam
  • Automotive
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