ToraSoft® Foam

A soft, luxurious feel, precise edges, excellent rebound, lightweight, superior molding capabilities, and excellent production efficiencies make ToraSoft® foams the ideal choice for vehicle manufacturers who seek a durable, elegant, cost-effective finished product that will uphold a brand’s value and secure customers’ perception of quality. Toray’s unique foaming process of floating materials on a bath of molten salt allows for superior expansion control, which enables the creation of better thickness and density uniformity, in comparison with foamed olefin sheets from other manufacturers. The lightweight nature of ToraSoft® foams helps manufacturers reduce the weight of vehicles.

Trim component processors and Tier 1 suppliers utilizing low-pressure molding, vacuum-forming, (including in-mold grain technology), and compression molding processes will benefit from ToraSoft® foams’ high tensile properties, tear strength, thermal stability, and compression set resistance, all of which enable processing flexibility, increased production efficiencies, and overall lower systems costs.

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ToraSoft® Polyolefin Foams

The Automobile OEM’s Preferred Foam

ToraSoft® foam is a blended polypropylene-polyethylene sheet that offers a combination of exceptional softness, haptics, moldability, and thermal stability. OEMs, molders, and laminators choose ToraSoft® for manufacturing door and instrument panels, consoles, armrests, glove boxes, seatbacks, and knee bolsters, among other parts. More than 160 automotive brands worldwide are built with ToraSoft® foam.

  • Soft, luxurious feel
  • Precise edges, excellent rebound, lightweight
  • Superior molding capabilities
  • Enables production efficiencies
Applications for ToraSoft® Foam
  • Automotive
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