Toray invented electron-beam crosslinked foam and is the industry leader in advanced foam technology. Leading global brands have relied on Toray foam sheets for decades. Gasket, tape, and composite manufacturers who value product quality, excellent service, reliability, and short lead times are specifying Toray’s new XLPE foam sheet. XLPE provides them with the consistent foam density, thickness, and uniformity that are essential for successful applications. A range of densities and thicknesses is available.

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XLPE Polyolefin Foams

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Gasket fabricators are benefiting from the same, advanced precision-engineering foam technology and reliable service that have had significant impact on the automotive and flooring industry. Tape and composite manufacturers are also tapping Toray for its foam innovations.

  • Consistent density, thickness, and uniformity
  • Range of densities available
  • Custom colors
  • Available for quick turnaround
Applications for XLPE Foam
  • Gaskets
  • Tapes
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