Solar Control Window

Toray’s Lumirror® ultra-clear BOPET film is the world’s leading brand for solar control window applications for automotive and commercial and residential buildings. The Lumirror® BioView™ film is a version made from renewable resources.

Solar Control Window

Hello Sunshine!

Toray Plastics is the global leader in the manufacture of optically-clear, low-haze, scratch-free PET films, made with or without UV protection, designed specifically for the rigorous, technically demanding requirements of high-end solar control film applications.

Toray’s PET films for solar control are designed for technically demanding applications that require exceptional clarity and low haze. The films also offer excellent handling and processing characteristics to support subsequent converting steps, such as coating, laminating, metallizing, dyeing, etc. Lumirror® BioView™ PET, manufactured with Toray’s proprietary sustainable resin blends, feels, converts, handles, and performs in exactly the same way as Toray’s standard PET film that is used for the manufacture of solar window film.
  • Architectural Solar Control
  • Automotive Window Tinting
  • Casting Sheet for PPF
  • Long-Life UV Stable
  • Release Liners
  • Safety Films
  • Applications

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