ToraPRO™ Foam

Toray’s electron-beam, cross-linked polyolefin foam is a proprietary technology that delivers consistent thickness, density, and performance. ToraPRO™ represents Toray’s second generation of foam sheet for the flooring industry. In addition to its superior compressive strength, sound dampening, and moisture-barrier properties, ToraPRO™ has exceptional dimensional stability and lay-flat performance and retains crisp edges and corners.

ToraPRO™ is specified for direct-attachment to resilient flooring, such as luxury vinyl tile (LVT), wood laminate, engineered hardwood, and genuine wood floors. It is also used as a roll out-underlayment sheet. Construction professionals and retailers value Toray’s commitment to product quality, reliable delivery, and trustworthy service.

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ToraPRO™ Polyolefin Foams

Soak Up the Sound

ToraPRO™ foam sheet is precision-engineered for flooring applications. It is applied directly to high-performance resilient flooring, engineered hardwood, and genuine wood floors. ToraPRO™ is also used as a separate flooring underlayment.

  • Precision-engineered
  • Superior compressive strength and sound dampening
  • Exceptional lay-flat performance
  • Crisp edges and corners
Applications for ToraPRO™ Foam
  • Flooring
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