Extrusion Coated

The Lumirror® Division operates a proprietary, state-of-the-art extrusion coating line that provides high-performance sealants on PET and PP films. Toray’s extrusion coater has unique capabilities that allow Toray to offer customized solutions by combining its film and coating technologies as one. LumiCoat films can be clear or metallized, with a variety of sealant combinations. LumiCoat films are used for packaging applications, as well industrial applications.

Lidding is one of Toray’s strategic markets for extrusion coated films and several versions of our LumiLid® brand of lidding film are available. A broad seal-range, hermetic seals, easy-to-peel seals, anti-fog, and the ability to seal through overfill are important benefits to be gained by specifying Toray’s LumiLid® lidding film. LumiLid® applications include frozen foods, fresh produce, ready meals, and dairy products. These robust films may also be used for dual-ovenable, cap liner, induction sealing, hot-fill, die-cut, and barrier applications.

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Extrusion Coated Polyester Films

Dial in Desired Surface Properties

Toray’s extrusion coating capabilities provide industrial, packaging, and lidding customers with the option to create unique, robust structures that combine proprietary film and high-performance sealant technologies.

  • Combining advanced film and coating technologies
  • High-performance sealants
  • Customized lidding and industrial applications

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