LumiLid® Extrusion Coated XL9

XL9 is a lidding film that provides a lock seal to PP trays. It is designed to provide a wide sealing temperature range, by providing a lower seal initiation temperature when compared to similar lidding products. It is intended for use in any condition from frozen up through reheating by microwave oven.
LumiLid® Extrusion Coated XL9
Dried Fruits/Nuts
Thermal Lamination
Key Features
  • Lock seals to PP material
  • Proprietary sealant blend provides excellent seal through contamination
  • Elastic properties provide superior resistance to failures at room temperature or frozen conditions. Wide seal temperature range performance because of lower seal initiation temperature
  • Solvent free process, ensures the films are odor free and contamination free
  • FDA Direct Food contact. Designed for microwave reheating.
  • IMS certified for dairy applications

Data Sheet

Typical Values
Nominal Yield
16,100 in2/lb
Tensile Strength at Break (MD)
13,600 lb/in2
Elongation at Break (MD)
*Additional thickness and data information listed on downloadable datasheet.

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