Torayfan® OPP

The Torayfan® Division produces 110 million pounds of BOPP for food packaging, labels, and industrial applications. Torayfan® OPP films for packaging are recognized for their superior mechanical properties, exceptional oxygen, and moisture durability, and sealing characteristics. Toray label films include over-lam and release liner films and will be complemented by a new family of films for roll-fed and pressure-sensitive applications.

The Torayfan® packaging films portfolio is extensive. It includes metallized, clear-barrier, high-barrier, ultra-high-barrier, over-the-mountain, PVdC-free, white, cold- and heat-sealable, mono web, lamination, thin, and ultra-thin films. Torayfan® structures are manufactured with sustainability in mind and are high-performance and holistically cost-effective. Applications are abundant. Snacks, cookies, confectionery items, food bars, granolas, prepared entrees, cooked seafood and chicken, rice, and pet food are just some of the foods packaged in Torayfan® film.

Foil-replacement pouches, non-retort regular and stand-up pouches, and sachets are among our customers’ most popular formats.

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Torayfan® Polypropylene Films

The Smart, Sustainable Choice

Torayfan® OPP is an advanced, multi-function, coextruded film manufactured for food packaging, labels, and industrial applications. Our award-winning Torayfan® brand is renowned for its high quality and overall performance.


  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Exceptional oxygen and moisture durability
  • Packaging, labels, and industrial applications
  • Manufactured with sustainability in mind
Applications for Torayfan® OPP
  • Confectionary Items
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Cooked Seafood
  • Cookies
  • Granolas
  • Pet Food
  • Prepared Entrees
  • Snacks
  • Our state-of-the-art metallization technology enables us to produce 80 million pounds of metallized OPP and PET film annually.

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