Lumirror® PET

The Lumirror® Division of Toray has become a leading polyester film manufacturer and is well known in the industry for its wide range of innovative PET products that are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of quality. Our three production lines produce in excess of 80 million pounds of PET annually, reinforcing the standing of Toray Industries as the world’s largest producer of BOPET, with approximately 800 million pounds of annual capacity worldwide. Toray, a leading polyester film manufacturer, is recognized for its excellent thermal stability and superior mechanical properties, including high strength, dimensional stability, optical clarity, and precision surface characteristics. Lumirror® films include super-smooth, heat-sealable, high-clarity, low-haze, and matte film products. Metallizing is done in-house, as is the application of special coatings for direct embossing, barrier, adhesion promotion, ink receptivity, reduced iridescence, and antistatic qualities.

Applications for Lumirror® PET film include solar control window films, thermal transfer ribbon, hot-stamping foil, casting sheets, wire and cable insulation, thermal laminations, labels, and flexible packaging products such as stand-up pouches and lidding materials. Bio-based PET film is available.

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Lumirror® Polyester Films

Customer-Approved, World-Renowned

Global customers choose Toray’s award-winning Lumirror® brand of co-extruded PET films for a diverse array of high-profile industrial and packaging brand applications. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of quality.

  • Excellent thermal stability and mechanical properties
  • Clear, metallized, and matte
  • Specialty coatings applied in-house
  • Bio-based PET available
Applications for Lumirror® PET
  • Acoustic/Thermal Comp
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