Polypropylene Films

TorayFan Toray Plastics (America), Inc.’s Torayfan® Polypropylene Division initially manufactured polypropylene films for industrial applications, such as capacitors and adhesive tapes, which it continues to provide, but soon established itself as a leading innovator of advanced, multi-function, co-extruded film for food packaging. Today, dozens of leading global CPGs entrust their valuable brands to Toray, confident that their foods will be protected in flexible packaging that keeps the contents fresh and their customers satisfied.

The Torayfan Division of the North Kingstown campus houses five lines that produce 100 million pounds of BOPP for packaging and 10 million pounds for industrial applications. Toray’s packaging film is recognized for its superior mechanical properties, exceptional oxygen and moisture durability, and sealing characteristics. Similarly, Torayfan industrial film is chosen for its excellent electrical and mechanical properties, and superior chemical- and moisture-resistance. Torayfan leaders are often called on to share their expertise with Toray Industries’ other PP manufacturing operations around the world.

On the packaging side, metallized, clear-barrier, high-barrier, ultra-high-barrier, white, cold- and heat-sealable, mono web, lamination, and thin films, are innovations in great demand. Snacks, cookies, confectionery items, granolas, prepared entrees, cooked seafood and chicken, rice, military MRE’s (Meal, Ready to Eat), and pet food are just some of the foods packaged in our PP film, with retort and non-retort stand-up pouches being among the most popular formats. At the Torayfan Division, we are especially proud of our metallization and in-line coating capabilities. For example, our state-of-the-art metallization technology enables us to produce 80 million pounds of metallized OPP and PET film annually and set the industry standard for the manufacture of the finest, high-performance metallized film, especially for foil-replacement applications.