TreaFilm® CPP/MOPP

Customers choose Trea™ cast polypropylene film (CPP) and monoaxially-oriented (MOPP) films for wire and cable wrap, capacitors, and adhesive tapes because of their excellent electrical and mechanical properties and their resistance to chemicals and moisture. MOPP films are also used for release liners, handle reinforcement, and medical, electronic, and other industrial applications.

Packaging designers specify TreaTear™ CPP directional-tear sealant films for retort and non-retort pouch applications. TreaTear™ films work as the sealant layer or middle ply in any type of pouch lamination and do not require laser scoring or perforations to make a clean, exact straight tear wherever one is needed. TreaTear™ films offer flexibility with overall lamination design. For example, manufacturers who use a traditional nylon directional-tear film laminated to a standard sealant web will find that TreaTear™ films can now replace both of those films. The use of one, thinner film also provides important sustainability benefits, such as source reduction and lightweighting.

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TreaFilm® CPP/MOPP Polypropylene Films

Versatility and Value

The Torayfan® brand comprises cast polypropylene FILM (CPP) and monoaxially-oriented (MOPP) films that provide reliable solutions to customers in packaging and industrial markets. The portfolio also includes the TreaTear™ brand of PP films used for manufacturing directional-tear retort and non-retort pouches.

  • Excellent electrical and mechanical properties
  • Source reduction benefit
  • No laser scoring needed with TreaTear™
  • Packaging and industrial applications
Applications for TreaFilm® CPP/MOPP
  • Dialectric Certified Film
  • Linear Tear
  • Pigmented Films
  • Retort
  • Sealant Webs
  • Tape Base Film
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