Association Of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters And Laminators (Aimcal)

Technical Excellence-Material Category Toray Plastics (America), North Kingstown, RI, earned the award for Technical Excellence in the Material Category.

The judges recognized Torayfan PCF, 45-ga, high-barrier, MOPPfilm targeted for foil replacement in multilayer extrusion and adhesive laminations. Low corona treatment on the non-metallized side produces a compatible surface for printing and lamination while an ultra-high surface energy treatment on the other side ensures a crack- and craze-free metallized surface. Yield-boosting thin-gauge film offers potential cost savings of up to 20% versus foil structures and makes it feasible to downgauge package designs without compromising barrier performance.

Applications include pouch laminations for dry mixes and liquid products, barrier liners in paperboard laminations, and bag-in-box structures. With enhanced oxygen barrier performance currently under development, the metallized film could be used for coffee and tea packaging.

Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators

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