Toray Plastics (America), Inc., Joins the Association of Plastics Recyclers

North Kingstown, Rhode Island (May 5, 2021)—Toray Plastics (America), Inc., is pleased to announce that it has joined the Association of Plastics Recyclers. The APR is an international trade association that represents the plastics recycling industry; its member companies are committed to the success of plastics recycling. In 2004 Toray Plastics (America) launched a multi-faceted sustainability initiative, which continues to evolve. Current R&D is focused on the manufacture of flexible packaging materials that will help satisfy the needs and objectives of the major global food companies that seek sustainability solutions within the next decade. The company is a subsidiary of the Toray Group, which has stated its belief that sustainability is the most important global issue of the 21st century. The Toray Group also holds that its responsibility is to deliver innovative technologies and advanced materials that provide real solutions to the challenges the world faces.

“The APR is doing excellent work to help shape the future of plastics recycling and is at the forefront in setting the standard for sustainable packaging design,” says Tammy Williamson, Product Manager, Toray Plastics (America). “Toray has been very engaged with the organization for the past two years, attending in-person and virtual member meetings, working group sessions, webinars, and conferences. It’s a privilege to be a member now, and we look forward to learning from the APR and its other members and sharing our experience and knowledge with them, too.”

Williamson explains that Toray’s joining the APR is especially timely because the company has recently made significant capital investment in increasing its manufacturing capabilities. “We have found the APR Design® Guide to be an invaluable tool and want to have a foundation of best practices for all of our packaging film designs so that we may support our customers, a clean recycling system, and the circular economy.”

Williamson notes that since the Toray Group’s founding, in 1926, in accordance with its fundamental principle of contributing to society it has always believed that materials can change lives. “Toray is wholly committed to sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint, and being transparent about its business practices,” says Williamson. “Our environmental profile is critically important to our customers. It’s also important to our employees and the community in which we work.”


About the Association of Plastic Recyclers

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) is The Voice of Plastics Recycling®. As the international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry, membership includes independent recycling companies of all sizes, processing numerous resins, as well as consumer product companies, equipment manufacturers, testing laboratories, organizations, and others committed to the success of plastics recycling. APR advocates the recycling of all plastics. Visit for more information.


About Toray Plastics (America), Inc.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., is a leading manufacturer of polyester, polypropylene, and metallized films and polypropylene and polyethylene foams. The company is committed to environmental, social, and corporate governance and aims to contribute to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies, and products that help address global issues. R&D is focused on the development of materials that are fossil fuel-free, compostable, biodegradable, and/or recyclable. The company’s sustainability initiative, launched in 2004, includes the operating of one of Rhode Island’s larger solar farms and two cogeneration systems, energy and water conservation, recycling, and zero landfill.

Toray Plastics (America) is a subsidiary of the Toray Group, which believes that materials can change lives and provide real solutions to the challenges the world faces. The Toray Group is the world leader in synthetic fibers and textiles, carbon fibers, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and high-performance films and has annual sales exceeding US$21 billion. For more information about Toray Plastics (America)’s products, contact Mary Osso at or 401-667-2281. Toray Plastics (America), Inc., headquarters is located at 50 Belver Avenue, North Kingstown, RI 02852-7500; telephone 401-294-4511, fax 401-294-3410. Visit the Toray Plastics (America), Inc., website at


Caption: Toray Plastics (America), Inc., has joined the Association of Plastics Recyclers, an international trade association that represents the plastics recycling industry.


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