Toray Plastics (America) To Feature Its Opp And Pet Innovations, Collaborative Spirit, And Global Reach At Pack Expo International 2016

The industry’s leading innovator invites attendees to visit Toray at booth N-5879 and learn how to get more from a film supplier.

North Kingstown, Rhode Island (August 22, 2016)—Toray Plastics (America), Inc. (, announces that it will feature its advanced Torayfan® OPP and Lumirror® PET film technologies, collaborative spirit, and global reach at Pack Expo International 2016, November 6 through 9, at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois. The company will also share with visitors its knowledge about how to get more from a film supplier. In addition, Toray will update attendees about its participation in the HP Indigo Pack Ready program. Toray is the only United States manufacturer of polypropylene, polyester, metallized, and bio-based films. The booth is N-5879.

Among the Toray technologies to be featured at Pack Expo are:

·       Torayfan® CBS2 film is a PVdC-free, clear, excellent oxygen- and moisture-barrier BOPP film designed for use as the inside sealant web for the packaging of snacks, cookies, crackers, granola, fruit/nut mixes, and confections.  An alternative to PVdC and AlOx coated films, CBS2 provides an economic solution to CPG’s and converters who want to give consumers a window to the product while maintaining shelf life and product freshness.

·       The LumiLid® portfolio of lidding films are dual-ovenable, FDA-compliant, IMS-certified and available in clear, white, metallized, and bio-based formats for trays (PP, APET, CPET and more) and cup stock. They have a low SIT, broad seal range, outstanding seal integrity, and a consumer-friendly easy peel. Applications include refrigerated and frozen entrees and side dishes, dairy items, fresh and dried foods. LumiLid XL7AF offers anti-fog functionality for condensation-free film in fresh-food applications, such as refrigerated prepared meals.

·       Torayfan® Over-the-Mountain portfolio of BOPP films are designed to prevent packages from bursting when they are transported through fluctuating altitudes and atmospheric conditions. The new Over-the-Mountain BOPP films are manufactured by means of Toray’s proprietary, modified polypropylene core layer and a proprietary sealant, which work together synergistically to provide superior seal-strength and hermetic seals that help maintain the integrity of the package.

·       Lumirror® MR20, a new eco-friendly, polyester metal-transfer film is manufactured in-house, in-line in one step and allows aluminum deposited onto the film surface to be transferred to a paperboard for superior brightness. MR20 film is eco-friendly because after it is used in the converter’s transfer metallization process it can be returned to Toray for recycling. Finished paperboard packaging can be recycled or repulped. Now CPGs can create a luxurious effect on packaging for mass-produced goods.

·       Torayfan® MWX6 and MWL are metallized white cavitated, BOPP films for gas-flushed applications. They are designed with a proprietary, “ultra-barrier” layer on one side for superior moisture-barrier and excellent oxygen-barrier functionality; the other side is a hermetic, heat-sealable layer. They are an ideal choice for packaging salty crisp snacks, baked goods, confectionery items, and pet food.

·       Lumirror® QN497 is an ultra-high, gas-barrier metallized PET film designed to be the inner layer of a laminate film in foil replacement, extended shelf life, and gas-flushed applications requiring superior moisture-, oxygen-, and aroma-barrier properties, such as coffee packaging. QN497’s adhesion layer is suitable for laminating, adhesive coating, or printing. It offers high thermal stability, good machinability, and a superior adhesion surface for printing or laminating.

·       Torayfan® TreaTear® DR72 film is a directional-tear CPP sealant film that offers high seal strength and provides an easy, straight tear for opening retort and non-retort packages. Available as thin as 30 microns (1.2 mil.), it offers yield advantages over the traditional 60 or 70 micron sealant web films, as well as flexibility with overall lamination design.  Laminations that use additional webs for directional tear, such as oriented nylon, may now find that web to be unnecessary.

·       Lumirror® QN506 is an ultra-high, gas-barrier transparent PET film. It is designed to be the inner layer of a laminate; its adhesion layer is suitable for laminating, adhesive coating or printing. It offers superior oxygen barrier and aroma barrier and is excellent for use in laminations requiring high thermal stability, good machinability and a superior adhesion surface for printing or laminating. Among the applications are snacks, cookies, crackers, granola, fruit/nut mixes, and confections.

·       Torayfan® RS03 is a new, high-tensile OPP RipStop film used to reinforce the die-cut handles integrated into corrugated and folding carton box designs. This new RipStop film technology replaces fiber and filament reinforced tapes.  RS03’s tear resistance technology in the transverse (cross-machine) direction prevents the die-cut handles from failing, providing a secure carton construction for the consumer. Applications include corrugated beverage packaging, folding cartons, and more.

·       Barrialox® SBR2, a new generation, high-barrier, transparent, aluminum oxide-coated polyester film for retort pouch applications, is made in Japan by Toray’s sister company, Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd. It has excellent thermal stability and superior mechanical properties, including high-strength and dimensional stability, enabling it to withstand the rigors of the converting process and the intense high heat and pressure of retort sterilization.

·       Toray HP Indigo Pack Ready films that are fit for use include: Lumirror® PA66 PET film and Torayfan® FMS and F62W OPP films. Toray is the first U.S. film manufacturer to participate in the program as a single-source provider able to offer North American converters and printers the highest-quality OPP, PET, extrusion-coated OPP and PET, metallized, barrier, and sealant print-web film technologies that meet the demands of the flexible packaging and label markets.

For more information about Toray Plastics (America)’s OPP and PET films to be featured at Pack Expo International 2016, contact Mary Gervais at or 401-667-2281.

Toray Plastics (America), Inc., is a leading manufacturer of polyester, polypropylene, bio-based, and metallized films for flexible and rigid packaging, lidding, graphic, industrial, optical, and electronic applications, and polyolefin, polypropylene, and polyethylene foams for the automotive and flooring industries. The company is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc., the world leader in synthetic fibers and textiles, carbon fibers, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and high-performance films, which has annual sales of approximately US$19 billion. For more information about Toray Plastics (America)’s complete line of films and foams, contact Mary Gervais at or 401-667-2281.Toray Plastics (America), Inc., is located at 50 Belver Avenue, North Kingstown, RI 02852-7500; telephone 401-294-4511, fax 401-294-3410. Visit the Toray Plastics (America), Inc., website at


Caption: Toray Plastics (America), Inc., will feature advanced Torayfan® OPP and Lumirror® PET film technologies at Pack Expo International 2016, booth N-5879.

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