Torayfan® PWX5

One side vacuum deposited Aluminum on Toray’s Ultra Barrier Layer, one side heat sealable. Designed as an inside moisture and oxygen barrier metallized BOPP film for gas flushed applications.
Torayfan® PWX5
Salty Snacks
Dried Fruits/Nuts
Key Features
  • Superior Oxygen Barrier – Gas Flushable
  • Excellent Moisture barrier
  • Non craze metal surface
  • Excellent hot tack and wide heat seal range

Data Sheet

Typical Values
Nominal Yield
44,000 in2/lb
Tensile Strength at Break (MD)
22,000 lb/in2
Young's Modulus (MD)
316,000 lb/in2
Elongation at Break (MD)
COF (Sealant Side)
0.66 µS
*Additional thickness and data information listed on downloadable datasheet.

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