Lumirror® PA26 details

PA26 is a transparent film with one side heat sealable and one side printable. It can be used as a monofilm and for printing and laminating in packaging applications.

Key Features

  • Sealable to itself or to other materials such as: APET, PETG, PVDC, or sheet material
  • The non-sealing side has a print receptive coating
  • The base film in PA26 serves as the food contact layer and is compliant with 21 CFR 177.1630 (f), (g), (h). PA26 is intended for use in packaging food of all types, except for high-alcohol beverages (i.e. beverages exceeding 50% alcohol by volume), under all temperature conditions of use listed in 21 CFR 176.170 (c), Table 2.


  • Heat seal
  • Mono web