Torayfan® PCFS details

One side vacuum deposited Aluminum on Toray’s Ultra High Surface Energy (UHSE), one side heat sealable. Designed as an integrated Sealant and Foil replacement film. Superior moisture and excellent oxygen barrier. Excellent barrier durability during package making.


Key Features

  • Excellent oxygen barrier - gas flushable
  • Superior moisture barrier
  • Exceptional barrier durability
  • Non craze metal surface
  • Integrated sealant with improved hermetics and seal strength
  • Sealant is compatible with certain zipper stock
  • Improved oil resistance

Typical Structures

  • F62W/ink/ADH/PCFS
  • O.L./ink/Paper/PE or ADH/PCFS
  • PA10/ink/PE or ADH/PCFS


  • Confections
  • Snacks
  • Bakery
  • Pet Food
  • Ag/Chem
  • Medical