Torayfan® PWS4 details

One side vacuum deposited Aluminum on Toray’s Ultra High Surface Energy (UHSE), one side heat sealable. Designed as a inside moisture barrier metallized BOPP film with good moisture barrier durability.


Key Features

  • Good moisture barrier durability
  • Non craze metal surface
  • Increased oil resistance
  • Increased stiffness and puncture resistance
  • Excellent hot tack and wide heat seal range

Typical Structures

  • F61W/ink/PE or ADH/PWS4
  • F62W/ink/PE or ADH/PWS4
  • PA10/ink/PE or ADH/PWS4
  • O.L./ink/PWS4
  • O.L./ink/Paper/PE/PWS4


  • Confections
  • Pet Food
  • Snacks
  • Ag/Chem
  • Bakery
  • Medical